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Whether you love camp cooking, having a crawfish boil or tailgating at the big game, Bayou Classic® makes the gear that makes it happen. Bayou Classic produces an amazing line of cookware that chefs, both pro & amateur alike count as their secret ingredient. Their design and construction are unsurpassed in the kitchen or at the campsite.

Cook or Fry Anywhere

One of the key necessities of Bayou Classic cooking is fire and now you can take your kitchen with you wherever you go. Bayou Classic Cookers are pressurized gas rings that put out even, easily controlled gas heat. So whether you're tailgating, camping or catering, you'll always get professional results with Bayou Classic.

Got a hankerin' for some fish & chips? Bayou Classic makes several dependable deep fryers that are completely portable and fry like a dream.


Campfire cooking requires sturdy gear and Bayou Classic has the goods. Cast Iron skillets, Dutch Ovens and griddles, even a Jambalaya pot and every one built to take anything you can throw at it and still produce perfect eggs, bacon stews or Jambalaya that will make your mouth water.

Get Brewin'

Home brewers, Bayou Classic has a line devoted just to your needs. Pots, thermometers, spouts and burners, all designed with the home brewer in mind. You know that better equipment provides better results, so get the best from Bayou Classic.

So for all of your cooking, steaming, boiling, frying or brewing needs, turn to the folks who know that 'Go Big or Go Home' isn't just a slogan, turn to Bayou Classic.

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