Prep, Hunker, Recover

Weather The Storm

We’re in this Together

Get started with these hurricane basics from Items in BLACK are essentials that Morrison-Terrebonne typically carries. Be aware: These products can sell out quickly ahead of a storm. Give us a call & we’ll let you know if it’s in stock.


Before the Storm  

Have on these on-hand to batten down the hatches in a snap.

• Storm shutters

• Storm shutter hinges

• Battery-powered CO alarm

• Plywood, boards for windows

• Install wastewater check valves 

• Wrench or pliers at utility shut-offs

• Plastic sheeting, tarps, heavy-duty garbage bags


Go-Bag Gear 

Stash essentials ahead of time so you can grab & go. 

• Cash

• First aid kit

• Paper/pencil

• Clothing & bedding

• Pet food & supplies

• Food, water & utensils

• Prescription medications

• Extra glasses, contacts & solution

• Baby supplies: Formula & water, diapers, etc.  

• Waterproof containers for important documents  

• Sanitation needs (toilet paper, soap, etc.)


After the Storm

Be self-sufficient while recovery efforts mobilize.  

• Duct tape

• Grills, fuel

• Dust masks

• Fire extinguisher

• Flashlights & batteries

• Rakes, shovels, chain saws

• Matches in waterproof container

• Hand-crank or battery-powered radio

• Cell charger & backup battery

• Generator, fuel, gas cans & extension cords  

• Water for 3 days — 1 gallon per person per day 

• Food for 3 days — nonperishable