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The Original. And Still The Best. 

Yeti coolers are built using the same roto-molded polyethylene material as whitewater kayaks. So theoretically, you could ride them down the rapids. We don't recommend that, though. They're much better for keeping your food and drinks ice cold, and keeping the bears out. Yeti coolers are grizzly-proof. Yeah, you heard us. Don't believe it? Watch a grizzly try:

If a grizzly can't dent a Yeti cooler, you probably can't either. But this is a crazy world, and sometimes the impossible happens. That's why Yetis are backed by a 5-year warranty; just in case the grizzly gets lucky next time.

Every Yeti cooler comes with:

- Ultra heavy-duty insulation
- Military-grade rope handles with a heavy duty textured grip
- One piece, rotomolded polyethylene construction
- BearFoot™ non-slip feet

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